What a Local Marketing Expert Can Do That You Cannot

An expert in local marketing services has several advantages. Fine-tuning the process to convert regular consumers into paying customers is important. As a business owner, you have limited time and finances to improve revenue each year. Instead of budgeting for a search engine optimization (SEO) company, learn what a local marketing expert can do that you cannot do.

Marketing is a Generic Word

Advertising a product or service does not always lead to a sale. It takes intelligent research to find out exactly why a conversion does or does not happen. While some companies have seasonal upswings and downswings, general marketing has become a thing of the past.

Putting up a sign that advertises operating hours or designing a coupon is now sub-standard in terms of marketing practices in the 21st century. Consumers are way smarter now than they were just 10 years ago when tablets and smartphones were not even popular.

Thanks to Google, Facebook and YouTube, it only takes a few seconds for a person to conduct research that could help or hurt your company or personal reputation.

What Experts Provide

Results show that is easier to work with people who are experts in multiple areas. A typical small business owner will try to do most of the work involved in the promotion of a product. While this takes a lot of free time, it is actually more expensive than you think.

The division of time combined with the standard Small Business Association’s recommendation for an average self-employed person’s salary says a lot. The end result is that is costs a lot more to do things the wrong way than to do them right.

A local marketing expert has mastered one or more of the following services:

1. Social Media

It might be tempting to run your own social media campaign. You can Tweet, update your status or put stuff on Instagram. Any 10-year-old with a smartphone can do that stuff too. Results can be measured and adapted to fit cycles in business when controlled by a team of specialists.

2. Content Publishing

You can have a great website, but mediocre content will kill it. There are plenty of smart people who work in various industries who can write journals, periodicals and reports about their line of work. These are the same people who try to do everything themselves and often fail miserably.

The frequent publishing of tailored, well-written and informative content is something that a specialist in the marketing industry has already mastered.

3. Targeted Web Ads

With the average cost-per-click of a web advertisement at $1.00 to $2.00, you can easily exceed your maximum daily budget without being careful. Too many people try to rank for the highest traffic volume keyword and results are often less than stellar.

Professionals have already learned how to keep costs lower while maximizing the click-throughs to high-converting lead pages to expedite sales or generate leads for a business.

4. Re-Marketing

Ads that follow a consumer after he or she has visited a specific website are known as re-targeted advertisements. This system works in conjunction with cookie storage in a modern web browser. If you thought PPC was expensive, re-marketing is way more.

Does consumer re-targeting produce results? Yes, but only if it is managed properly, costs are systematically reduced and the most effective display ads are utilized.

5. Trends Analysis

Can you determine why customers choose your company? A simple poll might offer an insight, but really understanding the metrics takes an entire suite of software.

The best way to capitalize on trends is to spot things that work and avoid things that do not. A marketing expert, like those here at Activated Marketing, conduct trend analysis reports on a routine basis to develop higher conversions and sales for clients.

6. Conversion Tracking

The national average in the United States for sales conversion percentage is between 2% and 5%. In the day and age of the Internet, the numbering system has changed. There are many types of interactions that a consumer can have with a website that can fluctuate the typical conversion numbers.

Being able to track, examine and growth percentages is what a local marketing specialist will provide your company. Boosting the numbers on a quarterly or annual basis will likely result in more revenue earned.

7. Consumer Click Behavior

If you have a website already, you might know the daily visit count pretty well. The problem with this approach is that it only tells a portion of the real story. What is the bounce rate of each page? What area do most of the visitors come from? What links get clicked on the most?

Tracking consumer click behavior is the only way to measure what is currently working. Ramping up a promotion campaign works best when behavioral percentages can be assessed and put into readable data to help improve your bottom line.

8. Video Publishing

YouTube boasted over four billion views a day in 2012. Mobile views are now hovering around 25% of the daily total. While it does pay to have some form of video advertising, merely putting up 60 second videos that are not authoritative do not do the trick anymore.

Things like video ads, viewer conversions and other metrics have to be applied to a video marketing campaign to get results. Localized promotional activities can and do work well when properly managed by a specialist.

9. Lead Generation

How many leads does your business need daily to survive? A smart company owner can answer that question quickly. Maximizing lead growth can only happen when a mixture of platforms are used. Just going with one thing that works will stunt growth.

Handing over the duties of generating leads that turn into sales or referrals to a professional offers a trusted way to improve revenue.

10. Citation Building

A citation is a mention of your brand, company name or service name in the web community. A mention can come in the form of a customer review, blog post, interactive advertisement or local map. Organic web traffic is affected by how many citations a company has in its link profile.

The foundation of citation building involves a lot of work. This process is best left up to a company that can handle the daily tasks needed to keep your company in the public eye.

Local Marketing Expert Prices

All companies want to spend less and make more. The opportunity to get real results is possible with even a meager budget. Spending dollars wisely is how to manage any advertising platform.

Activated Marketing has plans in place that are affordable and will help your business. Let us analyze your company, product or service. We do the hard work so you do not have to.

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