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5 Ways to Increase Mobile Website Conversions

Converting visitor traffic with a mobile website is now essential. With millions of tablets and phones selling every month of the year, a host of new consumers are now accessing content online using a non-desktop computer device. What this means to your business is improving your current or soon-to-be marketing campaign. Use this list of the 5 ways to increase mobile website conversions to your advantage.

The Facts Do Not Lie

Major studies have been conducted by companies like Adobe that reveal some shocking statistics. 63% of mobile device users now spend time shopping and browsing on retail sites. This is compared to 54% of people who frequent entertainment related pages.

If you already have Google-Friendly mobile website, it does not mean that your conversions are growing each year. There are good things and bad things that will affect your pattern of increasing revenues, opt-ins and leads.

How to Convert More Visitors

Have you heard this one before: “Just put up your website to get it out there, and then you can change it later?

That used to be a true statement. Modern search engines now index content, designs, videos and other data constantly. A snapshot is taken of a website, and any errors are logged for later comparison.

Yes, you can be penalized in search results for having too many mistakes with your site!

Conversions are important when using a mobile-friendly page. Throwing away what could be your next sale or captured lead due to ignorance is very costly.

5 Mobile Traffic Conversion Tips

1. Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

A responsive website is one that allows users to interact with it. This can mean that you rely on Javascript or other web applications that make it easy for a person to navigate. Not every WordPress website is responsive, and this could be hurting your overall search ranking placement.

Hiring a student designer or an outsourcer who lives in a third-world country might not get you what you need to compete. A real pro who understands mobile development is always the best choice.

2. Speed Up Time to Load

The TTL (time to load) a website has a lot to do with the attention span of a visitor. It used to be OK for a website to take 20 seconds to load before consumers were using broadband Internet connections. Speed means everything to someone who is ready to spend money or complete your call to action.

Increasing the load time of a mobile site means having it checked for errors. Too many graphics, thousands of words of text, irregular fonts, and non-responsive web forms will all eat up the TTL for a page. The average person now has a six-second span of attention while waiting for a page to load before bouncing off of your website.

3. People Hate Typing

You probably already have one of those forms that is set up to collect a bunch of information from a consumer on your page. You know the ones. The kind that Aweber and other done-for-you autoresponder services supply. These types might be excellent for a regular PC user, but they are bothersome to a mobile-connected consumer.

Asking someone to type a lot of information on a smartphone or tablet is the kiss of death. People who have larger fingers rarely like to type while most people hate the process all together.

The design of the lead capture form, call to action button or other graphic on your website needs to work well for Android or iOS uses.

4. Add a Search Box

Links are small when viewed on Internet-connected non-PC devices. Unlike surfing the web using a Mac or Microsoft product, tablet and phone operating systems cannot display all images and text correctly sometimes.

Including a search box on a page can help someone to find information faster. People really do bounce off of a page if they believe the offered content does not match their interests. Integrating a search box on every single area of your site can help people to get the content they came to find. This method will improve lead generation and other calls to action.

5. Click to Call

It sounds really simple, but too many sites forget this feature. Sometimes, a customer does not have the time to enter information into a form just to get to the next step of the ordering or inquiry process. It help to call instead.

Click to call is an interactive button that automatically forwards an incoming call to the phone number of your choice. If you are a business owner who does well by converting people over-the-phone, this feature will improve your sales.

Mobile Web Marketing is Our Business

A large percentage of people who respond to a call to action on a website will likely be using a phone or tablet. Preparing your marketing campaign with proven strategies is the best way to compete.

Activated Marketing gets results for clients because we innovate and understand the latest technological advances. Low cost plans are available to help a company of any size to start converting more of its mobile traffic into paying customers or qualified leads.

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