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Attact Desperate Sellers and Grow A List of Eager Buyers. We'll Do All The Work!

Beautiful Real Estate Websites

All of our sites are created with mobile in mind. Look great on every device everywhere.

Garner More REI Leads

We manage all of your marketing services from content, to seo, and paid advertising.

Dominate Your Target Market

Work side by side with us to optimize your site for higher rankings, better conversions, and more sales.

The Perfect Mix Of Experience
We have over 20 years of experience in online marketing and over 15 years in real estate. Combining the two comes second nature to us.


Brian Hanson

Cofounder and Internet Marketer

Brian created his first website at age 21 and his first multi-million dollar business at 29.

He turned a $150 investment into 5.5+ Million in annual sales and owns over 300 different niche websites, with one producing over 300,000 monthly visitors and over $400,000 in monthly sales. He now spends some of his time teaching real estate professionals how to use the internet to get more deals. He is a regular speaker at Ron LeGrand and other real estate seminars.


Damon Remy

Cofounder and REI BlackBook CEO

Damon is the CEO of REI BlackBook. Today it is the software of choice for leading real estate investors and the recommended platform by the nation’s #1 Real Estate Education Company.

Damon's mission: teach real estate investors how to work more effectively, productively, and profitably by simplifying in-house operations.

What Others Are Saying
Kind Words From Incredible Clients


There’s only a handful of people alive with the knowledge to teach what Brian shared with my class in just a few short hours. The inside secrets he disclosed can change ANY business from a start up to a super success in a very short time. We saw Multi Million Dollar ideas, tools, techniques, and tricks that I haven’t seen in 30 years of training.

- Ron Legrand


I couldn’t function without REI BlackBook. The REI BlackBook automated systems are generating leads every week; I’ve even had sellers call me back months later because of an autoresponder. It’s great! We’ve started using the REI BlackBook system to develop landing pages and autoresponders for other business as well. Loving it!

- Ruben Perez


I just spent that last two days learning the tricks of the Internet marketing pro’s. Brian Hanson is THE guru that you need to seek out if you have any online presence. Thanks to Brian, I am now in a position to destroy my competition. The online marketing secrets that Brain taught me are so powerful they seem almost unfair.

- Josh Caldwell

Our Services
Catered To Your Real Estate Business

No contracts – cancel any time

Local SEO Beginner

Search engine optimization is the highest ROI of all traffic sources. Our team has managed the SEO for over 15,000 clients.

SEO Beginner is best for real estate professionals looking to optimize their online marketing efforts on a limited budget. The goal is to dominate Google Maps. Many of our customers see top 3 listings within the first month.


  • Website authority building (incoming links and on-page factors)
  • Citation building

  • Competition analysis report

  • Keyword research report


Price - $500 Setup Fee + $500/mo

1st Month is $1000, Following Months Are $500

PPC Management

Google and Bing are the most reliable sources of traffic on the internet. We have over 10 years of experience doing PPC in the most competitive markets possible.


  • Unlimited keywords, ads and landing pages
  • Ongoing split testing of keywords, ads and landing pages

  • Monthly reports on everything that’s happening with your campaigns


Price - $500 Setup Fee + Campaign

Campaign Costs Vary On How Much You Spend For Ads

Custom Websites

A slow loading website is the number one reason users leave without interacting with your content. You have seconds to convince them to stay. Also, Google gives fast webpages an advantage in search engine rankings.  Our custom process has been fine-tuned to build the fastest sites possible... giving you an SEO and conversion advantage over your competition from the start.


  • Website foundation built for speed. We use a variety of technologies. One is HTTP/2 - which is used by just 10% of websites on the web – yet increases speed by 2-3 times. Another is PHP 7 - which is 2x faster than the most common PHP 5.6.
  • Attractive and unique website design that looks great on all devices (PCs, tablets, cell phones).

  • Content - Including homepage copy, about us, services offered, team members, FAQ, etc.

  • Optimized Images - Your property pics will load fast and look great.

  • Custom Landing Page Templates - Save money by reusing your own branded templates instead of paying for new landing pages.

  • Social Media Integration - Increase the potential buyers and sellers that follow you on social media.

  • Easy to Customize Framework - Change colors or upload images on your own, without needing to be technical.


Price - $1,500

Local SEO Domination

For real estate professionals looking for complete domination of a local area. Recommended for very competitive cities.

Includes everything from SEO Beginner plus...

  • Writing of press releases.
  • Submission of your press releases to the top distrubution channels

  • Web 2.0 property creation

  • Guest Posting - Done by manually reaching out to experts

  • Higher Domain Authority Home Page Links - Higher quality links means higher rankings


Price - $997 Setup Fee + $1500/mo

1st Month is $2497, Following Months Are $1500

Landing Pages

1% improvement in your landing pages can make the difference between being profitable and losing money. We take every step possible to maximize this part of your business.


  • Brainstorming of ideas
  • Design of landing page

  • Copy for landing page

  • Ongoing split testing using a combination of A/B and multivariate split testing tools


Price - $295

Content Creation


  • Research
  • Writing of content and uploading the content to your website with keyword tags. 


Price - $30 Per Article (Minimum of 10)

Complete Marketing Funnel

Includes everything from Custom Websites (one website) plus...

  • As many landing pages as needed
  • As much content creation as needed

  • Email autoresponder sequences.


Price - $15,000